The ECLJ releases today « Droit et prévention de l’avortement en Europe », published by editor Les Etudes Hospitalières

It is the result of two years of hard work, by a team of researchers in European law and medical law.

This book covers every aspect of abortion. It starts with and is based on a study of concrete causes of abortion, then its social, medical and demographic consequences.

This book then studies abortion under several aspects:

  • How did abortion, which was an exception, become a freedom in France?
  • Is there a “right to abortion” as regards Human Rights?
  • How many children survive an abortion? What about late abortion?
  • Can one refuse to practice an abortion? What about freedom of conscience for doctors and hospitals?
  • Are people allowed to debate about abortion? To speak in favour of or against abortion? To what extend may one try to prevent a woman from aborting?
  • Another point: how can States implement policies of prevention of abortion?

In international law, the States committed to reduce the recourse to abortion. How do they implement this commitment? Why did some countries manage to significantly reduce the recourse to abortion while others, like France, still have a high number of abortions? The aim of this book is to answer these questions and, more generally, to redirect the subject of abortion to the perspective of prevention.

The book is available in French only at the moment but will soon be published in English as well.

Order the book on the website of the publisher LEH Éditions.

For a True Prevention Policy against Abortion